What Are Some Practical and Attractive Ways to Use Floor Lamps in the Home?

You already know quite a bit about how to go about selecting the right floor lamps for your home. At Mclaren Lighting, we offer a wide range of styles and colors that are sure to please just about any taste. Along with the wide selection, we can also provide some ideas on how to use those lamps to best effect. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Creating a Cozy Reading Nook

Whether you like to settle into a comfortable chair with your tablet or with a hardback book, you need a cozy and comfortable place to enjoy your reading. Consider the idea of converting a corner of the living room, den, or a bedroom into the perfect reading nook. All you really need is a comfortable chair, a small table for your books, and a floor lamp that you can float to the rear left or right of the chair. Since the tabletop is clear, you have more room for your book or tablet, plus space for something good to drink and a small snack. What could be a better place to enjoy some quiet time?

A Great Option for Accent Lighting

It’s hard to dress some areas in homes. That’s especially true when using some type of table or wall-mounted lamp will not fit in with your decorating plans for the space. Have you thought about what one or two floor lamps would accomplish? Go with designs that allow you to adjust the height so you can create the perfect effect. These spots of light in those areas will help that part of the room convey a subtle sense of elegance.

Part of the Room’s Focal Point

Perhaps you like the idea of creating a focal point in a room that doesn’t have much in the way of architectural features. Flanking a larger piece with a couple of floor lamps provides you with more display areas on and over that piece. At the same time, the lamps serve to pull the eye to that part of the room, effectively creating something pleasing for people to see when they enter the space.

There are all sorts of ways to put these lamps to good use. Look around and identify a style that would work well with what’s already happening in your home. You’ll find that the right lamp can bring a room together in ways that would be hard to achieve using any other design element.