A Few Top Tips to Help Prevent Weeds from Growing in Your Lawn

Everyone enjoys the look of a perfectly manicured, weed-free lawn. As you well know, however, weeds can be a persistent problem that can rear their ugly heads just about anywhere. Fortunately, there are methods you can use to greatly reduce the number of weeds in your yard and prevent new weeds from growing. Armed with tools such as lawn spraying in Edmond, OK, and fertilization, you’ll be well-prepared to achieve that perfect lawn.

Weed Control

Before you can prevent new weeds from growing, you must get rid of the weeds that are already there. Fortunately, lawn spraying in Edmond, OK, does both tasks. Though you can certainly apply weed killer yourself, utilizing a professional lawn spraying company ensures you receive even application using the correct weed killers. Plus, they can complete the job much more quickly without any effort on your part. This frees up your time to allow you to enjoy your beautiful lawn.


Another way to prevent new weeds from growing is to maintain the health of your grass. A great way to do this is by fertilizing the grass at appropriate intervals. You’ll want to begin fertilization in the spring, re-applying the fertilizer approximately five times throughout the growing season, depending on what type of fertilizer you’re using. When you apply the fertilizer, it’s important to water your lawn to ensure the fertilizer has a chance to soak into the roots of the grass.


Speaking of watering, this is another important tool in your weed-fighting arsenal. Of course, weeds can use water that is applied, as well. If you already have a healthy lawn, though, you’ll only be watering the grass and allowing it to thrive, thus choking out any potential weeds. The most important tip is to water deep. That is, you’ll want to water for long periods to ensure the water has a chance to penetrate the soil and reach the roots of the grass. If you try to water more frequently for shorter periods, most of the water will evaporate before it has a chance to do any good.

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