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16 Aug 2018

Tips For Coral Gables Homeowners Looking For Luxury Furniture Brands

Luxury furniture is very different from mass-produced items. This furniture is designed and manufactured with beauty, quality, and function in mind. There are often unique pieces that are ideal for specific types of room décor and styles,
7 Mar 2018

Interior Lighting Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Soft glows or bright lights, here are a few must-know interior lighting tips homeowners should know to brighten up every room in the house: Mix them up Don’t just rely on ambient lighting. You’ll want to go
1 Feb 2018

5 Tips to Make Furniture Shopping More Fun

Shopping for furniture is fun. Here’s how to keep you on track and to help you find and take home gems: Have a shopping list It’s easy to get lost through the many luxury furniture brands in
24 Nov 2017

5 Shopping Reminders for Luxury Home Furniture Buyers

There’s something so satisfying about finding just the right piece of furniture to put in the perfect spot. Want to make sure you find the best pieces? Take a look at the following reminders and put them