Reasons Why Your Refrigerator May Be Struggling to Keep Your Food Cold

by | Aug 30, 2019 | Appliance Repair

You depend on your refrigerator to keep your food cold so that you can preserve it for days, weeks, or even months longer than would be possible at room temperature. When your refrigerator is not doing its job, then, it can be a frustrating experience. If your refrigerator is struggling to keep its contents chilled, here are a few items to check for possible refrigerator repair in Slidell, LA.

Start With Simple
The temperature controls for your refrigerator and freezer allow you to easily tailor your fridge to your specific needs. However, these controls can cause issues if they are accidentally adjusted without your knowledge. As items are added to and removed from the refrigerator, these controls may be inadvertently bumped, resulting in a higher-than-desired temperature. Before going to great lengths to repair your refrigerator, check these settings first.

Let It Breathe
The vents at the back of your freezer are crucial to the proper operation of your refrigerator. Your freezer uses these vents to circulate cold air throughout the entire refrigerator unit, meaning that blocked vents could result in higher-than-expected temperatures. Though it’s fine to have a full freezer, as you add items to it, simply check the back of the freezer box to ensure the vents have a small amount of space in which to circulate the cold air.

Clean the Coils
The most common culprit of a poorly functioning refrigerator is dirty condenser coils. These coils allow heat from the refrigerator to be released into the air. If they are dirty, this process slows down. If they are especially dirty, this process can stop altogether, resulting in a warm fridge and a probable need for refrigerator repair in Slidell. Every few months, use a long stiff-bristle brush and a vacuum cleaner to loosen and remove the dust and debris that has accumulated on the coils. Who knows? You may even find some spare change that has gotten lodged underneath the refrigerator.

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