Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Options for Salt-Free Water Conditioners

Water softeners for residential, commercial, and industrial operations used to utilize only salt to condition water to make it soft, silky, and neutral. A typical water softener that uses salt will soften the water through an ion exchange, which involves exchanging the hardness of the minerals for sodium minerals. The exchange takes place by passing the water with the hard minerals over ion exchange resins in the appliance.

When the calcium and magnesium that cause lime scale buildup contact the resin in the tank, they displace the sodium ions. The displaced ions then pass down through the resin bed and out the drain, delivering soft water to the rest of the household or business. Therefore, the traditional water softener exchanged one ion for another.

However, salt and potassium water softeners are now being researched further, and studies are showing they are not the most environmentally safe option available. There is a relatively new option available to homeowners and business owners that allows them to make their water just as soft as a traditional water conditioning system, but without the chemicals.


The most obvious benefit of salt-free water softeners is the environmental impact of the water softener. No longer will homeowners and business owners have to worry about their water softener expelling chemicals into the water supply that might upset the balance of nature.

The second benefit is the cost of operating salt-free water conditioners is much lower than operating an oscillating magnetic field water softener. Chemicals are not needed for these types of water softeners, and they save homeowners and business owners maintenance costs on their pipes and appliances, too. Operating a water softener that uses salt or potassium causes water waste. For every 1,000 gallons of water produced using a salt or potassium water softener system, 120 gallons are potentially wasted. That’s a lot of money literally washing down the drain!

Most importantly, salt-free water conditioners are able to remove bio-slime from appliances and pipes, keeping water clean and safe for the entire household and business. There is nothing better than stepping into a shower or pulling out clean dishes knowing they are truly clean and free from chemicals, algae, bacteria, protozoa and fungi.

Water softeners that use salt are able to raise a person’s sodium intake. Those who are on a sodium-restricted diet should not use a water softener that uses sodium. A much better option would be a water softener that doesn’t use any type of chemical that would affect hypertension.

Having soft, silky water is a benefit to everyone, but you don’t have to sacrifice health and the environment to obtain it. Use salt-free water conditioners to make your water safe and pleasant.