Points to Ponder with Patio Glass Doors in Philadelphia PA

by | Mar 10, 2016 | Doors

Patio doors are intended to be practical as well as attractive. Many homeowners immediately think of sliding doors when the time comes to update the patio area. In fact, there are a number of options for patio Glass Doors in Philadelphia PA that are worth considering. Here are a couple of examples.

Hinged Patio Doors

One possible alternative is to go with hinged patio glass doors in Philadelphia PA. This would involve creating a framework to support the doors, something that will add more architectural detail to the space. Hinged doors can be outfitted with tempered glass that will hold up to a lot of abuse. The owner can consider having the glass tinted to help diffuse sunlight, or even opt for stained glass as part of the design.

Accordion Doors

For someone who likes the ability to open up an area between the patio and the den, nothing beats the use of accordion doors. The designs make it easy to retract the doors as much or as little as desired. Having a wider opening is especially nice when the homeowner likes to have parties since it means guests can move freely between the indoors and the patio area.

As with other types of patio door designs, the homeowner can choose different types of glass for each of the accordion doors. Solid panes in each door is an option, or the owner can opt for a four or six-pane approach. The glass can be tinted, frosted, or clear, depending on the preferences of the client. By taking the time to look closely at each of the glass options, it will be easy to come up with the choice that provides the right appearance.

For any homeowner who loves having a patio but is a little tired of the more traditional sliding doors, find more information here about the different alternatives. Talk with a contractor about each one and learn more about the pros and cons of each door design. Remember to obtain pricing for any doors that are under consideration. Once a decision is made, the contractor can make sure the new patio doors are installed and working properly before the project is considered complete.

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