Bathroom Contractors in Greenwood IN Can Help Homeowners Choose the Perfect Shower

by | Mar 7, 2016 | Home Improvement

When considering bathroom remodeling options, the homeowner should first consider the room’s current style and fixtures, and they should also think of how far they want to depart from the current design. No matter which way the project goes the homeowner’s choice in shower doors, style and hardware can complete the room’s entire look.

Frameless or Framed Shower Doors

A shower remodeling project by Kenny Glass involves more than the door between the shower and the rest of the room, but the door is one of the bathroom’s focal points. Many homeowners are choosing frameless over framed shower doors. These doors are made of thick shatterproof glass, and they can be frosted or etched for privacy. Clear frameless shower doors offer a minimalist look that’s popular among today’s homeowners, especially if the fixtures are decorative in nature.

Handheld and Wall-Mounted Showerheads

The shower’s water delivery system is a priority when making remodeling decisions. Some homeowners are willing to pay a higher water bill in exchange for multiple jets, and others opt for traditional or handheld showerheads. There are overhead, rain-like options and massage sprayers available as well, and Bathroom Contractors in Greenwood IN can help any homeowner find the perfect showerhead.

Water and Electricity Costs

Some luxury shower designs include a vertical spa, which uses jets that surround the bather as a showerhead provides an overhead cascade. Homeowners going this route should prepare for an increase in their monthly heating and water bills, and they should ensure that their water heater is ready for the higher load.

Some homeowners choose more efficient shower systems, selecting eco-friendly but effective designs. Several showerhead manufacturers have models that exceed the 2.5 gallons/minute industry standard but don’t sacrifice good flow.

Consider the Investment

No matter which type of shower a homeowner chooses, it should add visual interest while being easy to use and simple to maintain. Shower tiles are available in many materials, colors and textures, and all-in-one enclosures offer durability and easy care. Bathroom Contractors in Greenwood IN can help the customer choose fixtures to match the enclosure, and they will be left with a beautiful, functional and valuable addition to the home.

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