Enlisting Help From A Company That Does Animal Control in Reynoldsburg To Battle Gophers

When someone notices holes throughout their yard’s garden area, they may have a gopher problem present. Gophers tend to eat vegetation and often make gardening impossible to do properly, making it necessary to take steps in eliminating them from a yard effectively. Calling a service that does Animal Control in Reynoldsburg is the best way to battle these creatures. Here are some steps a homeowner can take to help in keeping gophers away from their yard for good.

Use Traps To Remove Intruders

A pest control service will have trapping means available to remove gophers with ease. If a homeowner decides to undertake the trapping of gophers themselves, they will need to make sure to wear gloves when positioning small traps inside of the holes in their garden. Gophers will shy away from the scent of humans. Traps can be checked daily, and any contained gophers will need to be let go in an area far from the yard to ensure they do not return in the future.

Spray Vegetation So Gophers Do Not Eat It

Any plants susceptible to being eaten by gophers can be sprayed with a mixture of water and cayenne pepper. Gophers will smell this mixture and avoid eating any vegetation with it present upon it. Placing cotton balls dipped in the mixture inside of holes gophers have dug in the yard will also be beneficial in getting gophers to vacate the property.

Use Sound To Scare Gophers Away

Gophers will not stay in an area where they feel threatened. Loud sounds will scare them away. Playing loud music in the backyard may help in getting gophers to leave the premises. A small transistor radio can be tuned into a music channel and then placed inside of a plastic bag. This can then be inserted into one of the holes in the yard to scare gophers away.

When a homeowner wishes to eliminate gophers, calling a reliable service to help with Animal Control in Reynoldsburg is best. Take a look at a website to find out more about the services offered and to get contact information.