Grade From 1 to 4: A Quiz to Determine the Need for Anne Arundel Animal Control for Termites

Termites can be disastrous- seriously. Homeowners know that termites can cripple their home beyond repair. The question is how likely this is. Regions, the way a home is built, and other considerations help determine how likely a termite infestation is. There are some pertinent questions designed to pinpoint the likeliness of a termite attack.

Is there a gap between the stucco siding and soil?

There is a required distance needed between the siding and the soil that varies by state. It is usually about six inches. At most, it can extend to a foot. Some homes, of course, do not have this gap. The separation may seem mild, but it is a massive difference for encouraging a new direction for termites. This can be a major contributing factor. Stucco should also not extend beneath the grade of the home.

Is there a wood frame or siding?

Does the home rest upon a wood frame? Wood frames are being dissolved from modern home building for their attraction of termites. It is arguably the most important distinguishing factor. Some home buyers are (perhaps wisely) ignoring home purchases based solely on the presence of a wood frame. Siding is less of a concern because siding can be replaced a bit easier. But, it is a fresh meal for termites, and an introduction to other parts of the home- leading to some termite Anne Arundel Animal Control.

Is there a lot of shrubbery and wood in the landscape?

Are there big trees near the home? How about a fence within 5 feet of the home? Is there firewood alongside the foundation? The external wood will attract the termites. The proximity to the home will bring them in. Some wood outside is inescapable. But, if there is wood within two to five feet, it could mark trouble.

Ultimately, a review from an Anne Arundel Animal Control is rarely ever a bad idea. They can be just the visitors needed to help a family sleep better at night. Plus, why take the risk? It could be low on the scale, but is never impossible. Visit us for more details on the quiz, and finding out where the home sits on the grade of 1 (not likely) to 4 (likely).

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