Prevent Insect Pests With Gutter Cleaning in Glen Burnie

Clogged gutters not only are bad for a roof but also attract many kinds of insect pests like black flies and mosquitoes. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends Gutter Cleaning in Glen Burnie and elsewhere to reduce small puddles of standing water which attracts potentially harmful insects. For example, mosquitoes transmit many diseases such as yellow fever, malaria, the Zika virus and the West Nile virus.

How Much Is Water Too Much?

Even puddles of water that seem too small to be if use to humans are great places for female mosquitoes and other insects to lay their eggs. The EPA states that mosquitoes only need one teaspoon of standing water for lain eggs to hatch into larvae and grow into breeding, biting adults. Wet leaves, branches and even dead animals in gutters create a multitude of places for teaspoons of water to form. Unless the debris is cleaned from the gutters, the mosquitoes will hatch, grow and bite.

The Dangers of Rotting Wood

Clogged gutters and the puddles they cause eventually makes even the best wooden roofs to rot. Rotten wood attracts insects like termites, carpenter ants, and wood lice. If any holes are formed, they are exploited by larger creatures looking for a home such as squirrels, mice, and rats. Rodents can squeeze through surprisingly small holes. Getting gutters cleaned regularly helps prevent rotting wood and the opportunities it makes for insects and rodents.

When to Clean

Gutter Cleaning in Glen Burnie and elsewhere should be done at the beginning of spring and the beginning of fall. This helps keep them cleaned just at the times when roofs will need them most -; before the onslaughts of spring rains, summer storms or winter snows. In order to get the job done right in these crucial times, leave it to professional gutter cleaners. Cleaners can also see if gutters need to be repaired.

In Summary

Cleaning gutters is an important job for many reasons including keeping unwanted pests at bay. This is a difficult, smelly job best left to professionals. To schedule a gutter cleaning for those in the greater Glen Burnie area, contact us today.