Window Treatment Options For Sliding Doors

Windows tend to look even better when they have some sort of treatment, and these treatments can also help when it comes to increasing privacy or preventing too much light from entering the home. Some windows, such as those on sliding doors, tend to be harder to find just the right Window Treatment for, however. The right option will depend on the goal of adding the window treatment.

Decoration Only

For those who just want to add a decorative element to their sliding doors, one solution is to mount stationary curtain panels on each side of the sliding door. These panels don’t move; they just frame the door with beautiful fabric. This means that the functioning of the door isn’t interfered with at all. Another decorative option is to use just a valance across the top of the door.


Sheer panels can be used as a Window Treatment for sliding doors when the goal is to increase privacy while still allowing light into the home. Having a tie back on each side to allow them to be moved out of the way during times of frequent use, such as when entertaining outside, will make these panels even more functional and convenient. Vertical blinds are another commonly chosen treatment for sliding doors, as they can be adjusted to allow in more or less light depending on the wishes of the homeowner.

Privacy and Light Control

Those who want to be able to block out the light coming in from the windows of the sliding door may want to use some durable fabric panels that are easy to clean. Thicker and darker fabrics will better block any light coming into the room, preventing this light from fading furniture or flooring located near the doorway and keeping the light from interfering with the ability to view information on computer screens or televisions. Honeycomb shades can be used as well to block both light and the view of anyone within range of the sliding glass door.

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