Frequently Asked Questions About Maytag Air Conditioners

by | Nov 18, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Property owners learn tips for saving on energy costs by consulting their contractor. The contractor is familiar with how the systems operate and the requirements for a variety of systems. This knowledge helps them present a better plan for lowering costs. The following are frequently asked questions about Maytag Air Conditioners.

Why Shouldn’t Property Owners Close the Vents?

While some property owners may believe it is true, they won’t lower their cooling costs by closing off vents in rooms that aren’t in use. Instead, the blockage of airflow causes an unnecessary imbalance. It lowers the energy efficiency of the unit overall and leads to avoidable leaks in the ductwork.

What Can the Property Owner Do to Reduce Their Overall Cooling Costs?

They can adjust the thermostat to a higher temperature reading. After they determine the best temperature for their comfort levels, they should keep the system at this setting. Constant changes in the temperature increase energy consumption. If they choose to raise the setting dramatically while they aren’t present, the system must run continuously to return to a lower temperature. By doing this, they aren’t saving on costs. They are increasing these costs.

For How Long Should the Unit Run During Each Interval?

The operation intervals for various types of air conditioning systems are different. However, none of these systems will achieve the right cooling levels if the property owner shuts them down after a few minutes. They should set the unit to auto and allow it to run according to its requirements. Shutting the system on and off will only generate higher costs for the owner and prevent effective cooling.

What is Achievable with a Programmable Thermostat?

The property owner can set the unit to operate at different temperatures based on what day it is. For example, most programmable thermostats offer settings for weekdays and weekends. These settings help the owner control associated costs based on when they are home the most.

Property owners address common concerns by consulting a contractor. These concerns are often associated with how to run their cooling unit and what to do to save money. Property owners who need more answers about Maytag Air Conditioners visit website for more details now. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.

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