Why Water Is Better Than Sand as Far as Flood Prevention Is Concerned

If you are aware that a major storm is coming and there may be flooding or if your home is especially predisposed to the risk of flood damage, you are probably wondering what is the best way to help water diversion. Oddly enough, while you might think that sandbags are the way to go, you will actually get more prevention from water than you will from sand.

Time Saver

In emergencies, time is of the essence. Water bladders that are self-inflating are up to 5 times quicker to start using than other solutions. In fact, using sand is one of the slowest methods that can be used, and after the emergency, the sand must be disposed of in conjunction with local statutes.

Less Labor

Sandbags require an inordinate amount of labor. Inflatable water bladders, however, can be filled and constructed into a wall with minimal manpower. This is of huge benefit when you are stuck in the middle of a natural disaster when resources may be limited.

Not As Wasteful

In terms of sheer waste involved, water bladders are far less wasteful than using sandbags for water diversion. This is because the bags must be disposed of after they have been used. This is not true when bladders are used. They can be filled, emptied, and re-filled an innumerable number of times.

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