Carpeting Can Make Your Naperville Home Warmer, Cozier and Safer

Winters in Illinois are extremely cold, and when your feet are cold, so is the rest of you. But, carpet in Naperville homes keeps residents cozy and comfortable. Moreover, carpeting provides not only insulation against cold but also dampens sound for a quiet environment.

Carpeting has its place in the living room, bedrooms, and hallways of any home. Families with small children will appreciate the soft landing carpet provides. If anyone in your household is subject to falls, including elders, consider installing warm, soft carpeting.

With regular vacuuming and proper care, carpet in Naperville can last for many years. A carpet store in Naperville can help you to choose the right carpet for you and your family. However, a carpet with a short pile made of synthetic fibers is the easiest to clean. Also, choose a carpet that’s been treated to resist stains.

To help hide dirt, consider choosing a neutral, multi-colored carpet, in mixed shades of gray or brown. Of course, avoid white carpeting, as well as very dark carpeting; dark carpeting will show lint and dirt if you live in an area with light-colored soil.

Carpeting can also be cleaned with non-chemical, natural methods. For example, after vacuuming well, sprinkle the carpet with baking soda. Let it sit for at least an hour, then vacuum it up. This will remove odors as well as any oily stains.

Carpeting can make your home in Naperville, warmer, cozier, and safer.

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