What To Ask Before Hiring Painters In Memphis

Painting the interior or the exterior of a home is not an easy project. It can be time-consuming and difficult as a do-it-yourself project, which is why most Memphis homeowners hire a professional painting contractor for their exterior and interior painting projects.

Hiring a professional service that specializes in painting, and not a contractor that does general home repairs and renovations is essential when quality and workmanship is important. Specialized contractors like Caldwell Painting have the expert teams, the materials and the equipment needed to quickly and efficiently paint a room, the entire interior of the house, or to manage an exterior paint upgrade.

Reviewing the Quote

Every painting contractor is different. It is important not to assume specific services are provided, or that all quotes and estimates on your exterior or interior painting project include the same details and services. The estimate should include line items as to what is included. If the company provides a total cost that is not broken down, ask for a detailed estimated or quote.

Ask About Materials

An important factor in the durability and long-lasting nature of any painting project are the quality products used by the contractor. Top contractors only use the best in pre-paint preparation services, paints, primers and ceiling, and trim paints.

Often the lowest cost estimates include cheap paints and untrained and unskilled teams of workers. While the homeowner saves a small amount, the difference in the quality of the job overtime means there is really no savings at all. Additionally, the paint job needs to be redone, which costs more money in the long term.

Excellent customer service is also important when choosing painters. This should start with your first communication with the contractor and continue on throughout the project and in follow up conversations after the job is done.

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