Reasons to Hire Palm Tree Services in Orange County

by | Dec 31, 2018 | Landscaping

Palm trees are everyone in southern California. Chances are, just about every property owner in Orange County has at least one palm tree to contend with. These trees are perfect for adding beauty and value to just about any landscape but just like other trees, they require a good deal of care.

The majority of property owners have no idea how to care for their palm trees, especially if they’ve moved to California from colder climates. Don’t let that be an excuse to ignore a tree and just hope for the best. Instead, read on to find out about a few of the reasons so many property owners choose to hire Palm Tree Services in Orange County to provide the professional care these trees need to thrive.

Trimming and Skinning

Most readers know that the evergreens and deciduous trees that live in colder climates need to be trimmed but not all of them will realize that palm trees require similar care. In addition to pruning off dead branches, a palm tree expert can also help with tree skinning. This specialized form of care is required to keep trees healthy and attractive but it requires specialized tools and knowledge and should always be left to a professional.

Dealing with Diseases

If a palm tree that used to be healthy and verdant has begun to look a bit under the weather it’s never a good idea to try to wait it out. Chances are, readers who take this approach will be calling Palm Tree Services in Orange County for tree removal instead within a fairly short time frame. Hiring a professional to provide ongoing care allows property owners to place the health of their palm trees in knowledgeable hands, which increases the chances that any diseases will be caught early enough to be cured.

Tree Removal

Like other types of trees, palm trees should never be removed by inexperienced property owners. Attempting to remove a palm tree without adequate experience can place property owners, their guests, and nearby buildings and other structures at risk. Contact Jose Martinez Tree Service Inc today to get a quote for removal instead to make sure that the removal goes smoothly. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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