What is the Best Choice For New Roof in Oklahoma City?

When considering a new roof in Oklahoma City, the number of choices may be surprising to many people. Only a couple of decades ago, the shingle roof was almost the only type of roof that was commonly seen. Today, that is starting to change thanks to all the attractive and efficient new materials out there. Here are several of today’s most popular choices for roofing materials in the Oklahoma City area.new roof in Oklahoma City

The Metal Roof

Metal roofs can be made from nearly any kind of metal. Copper is a popular choice, but it is usually the most costly type of metal roof. Other popular options are aluminum, steel, and zinc. Most steel roofs are painted or protected with a layer of zinc. Metal roofs are very environmentally friendly since they are typically crafted from recycled materials. They deflect heat more effectively than asphalt and offer a fair degree of resistance to wind and even fire.

The Clay Tile Roof

Clay tile roofs are becoming very popular thanks to their charming and unique appearance. They are crafted from clay shaped and then fired in a kiln. Since the clay used comes from nature, it is not damaging to the environment in any way, and the clay tiles are fully recyclable. While clay tiles are fairly durable, they do tend to crack more easily than a metal roof panel would. Clay can be fairly expensive, but it does offer longevity. Clay tile roofs resist fire well, but they are not as good as metal roofs at keeping the temperature down in most cases.

The Slate Roof

Slate roofs are made from naturally occurring slate rock. This stunning dark grayish rock creates a rustic but still elegant-looking roof. Slate roofs are very eco-friendly, as they are entirely made from natural rock. This roof is generally a long-lasting one that has excellent fire resistance. It repels heat quite well and has decent resistance to wind. It is a more costly option than most other roofs today, however.

If you are ready to seriously consider a New Roof in Oklahoma City, it may be time to talk to the experts in the roofing field. You can click here to find out more about all the different roofing options available now.