Secure Your Home With Wrought Iron Exterior Doors

Home invasions are an unfortunate reality of the world. Though staying safe in your home is never 100 percent guaranteed, there are steps you can take that will improve the security of your home and better protect you and your family. In an effort to make their homes safer, more and more homeowners have been installing wrought iron exterior doors in their entryways. Take a moment to learn a little bit about why they have become so popular, as well as the benefits they can have in your home.

Strength and Security

If you have ever held wrought iron in your hand, you know just how heavy it is. And with weight, comes strength. Unlike wood or fiberglass, wrought iron cannot be easily breached by anyone without some serious, heavy-duty equipment. Most iron doors also include glass panels secured with compression locks. These locks, believe it or not, are rated to withstand as much as 2000 pounds of force, providing an unmatched level of security. When properly installed, wrought iron exterior doors keep your home safe from unwanted intruders and dangerous weather conditions.

Energy Efficiency

Although security is the primary function of wrought iron doors, some models also use Thermal Break technology to provide added energy efficiency to your home. Fitted with low-conductivity door shoe, your wrought iron door reduces the amount of hot and cold air that is able to enter your home. This keeps your home temperature controlled and reduces your home’s energy use significantly. Oftentimes, the money saved over the years in energy bills offsets the cost of installing new wrought iron exterior doors, making them a worthy investment.

Unmatched Design

Besides their practice applications, wrought iron doors also add a sophisticated design aesthetic and curb appeal to your home. Complete with ornate window designs, your entryway looks inviting to visitors while remaining secure. If you’re thinking about selling your home, adding wrought iron doors increases both the value and allure of your property. Homebuyers are looking for secure, long-lasting and visually appealing doors. Wrought iron exterior doors are sure to draw the interest of prospective buyers who value security in their homes above all else.

Whether you are looking to feel safer in your home, or simply want to add a decorative touch your exterior, then you should consider installing wrought iron doors in your entryways. While you hope you never have to face a home invader, knowing that you are safely behind closed wrought iron doors is usually enough to keep most families sleeping soundly.