Water Heater Tank Replacement Facts

Your water heater is responsible for providing warm or hot water whenever it is needed. Typically, a hot water heater has a tank which heats the water using gas or electricity. The heated water then travels through the pipes providing readily available hot or warm water for bathing, cooking, washing dishes, or laundry. When the water heater breaks down, it may be able to be repaired or it may call for water heater tank replacement. Understanding the facts involved in water heater tank replacement allows you to be well prepared to get started with the replacement service.

Signs of a needed replacement

Prior to knowing that your water heater is on the fritz, it will usually exhibit some telltale signs. These signs can include strange noises coming from the unit or heating the water inconsistently. In addition, water heater tank replacement may be needed if your water heater is not getting the water to the desired temperature. These indicators point to the need for fast and immediate water heater tank replacement services.

Which type of water heater tank will you need?

In order to determine which type of water heater you will need, it is important to consider your current system. Is it performing at an energy-efficient level? Have you had continued success with this model? If so, then you may want to replace it with the same type you had previously. This could be a gas or electric water heater tank replacement. A consultation with your local HVAC company will help you decide which type of tank is best suited to your needs.

What to consider when replacing a water heater

When replacing a water heater, there are some basic considerations to make to determine whether or not a particular model might be suited to your needs. These considerations include the gallon capacity, the recovery rate which denotes how many gallons can be heated within the hour, as well as its dimensions and energy-efficiency rating. Looking at the nameplate on the unit you currently have will provide insight into whether or not the current model has the gallon capacity that you are looking for. If your current model is lacking in certain areas, you will know exactly what to look for when it is time to replace your water heater.

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