Preparing for a Window Glass Replacement in Naperville

by | Jan 11, 2016 | Glass

A home’s windows play an integral role in the security of the home. Windows also help insulate a home. When a window has damaged glass, it’s necessary to have it replaced promptly to prevent personal injury. To perform a Glass Replacement in Naperville, use the following suggestions. Doing this will help a homeowner do the task efficiently and safely.

To prepare for a new window glass, ensure that all pets and children are out of the work area. Also, wear safety goggles or safety glasses with side and front protection. The tiniest shard of glass can cause serious eye damage. Wear puncture-resistant gloves to keep the glass from cutting you. When a window frame is very large, it may be helpful to remove it from the window opening and place it on a steady table.

Start removing the old glass. When the defective windowpane is shattered, start pulling out the largest pieces first. Carefully hold each piece of glass by a flat edge. Avoid holding a piece of glass by a pointed edge. Glass that does not have an easy opening to start removing pieces may have to be taken out after removing the old putty. Again, try to extricate the largest pieces first by only making contact with the flat edges of the broken glass.

After removing as much glass as possible, use a chisel or flat-head screwdriver to remove the old putty. Move the tool along the interior tracks of the window frame. Along the way, pull out all glazier’s points. If the old putty is too hard to remove, use a heating element to warm it up. Warm putty is more pliable and easy to handle. Next, apply a generous amount of linseed oil where the old putty was. This will help keep the new putty moist so it won’t dry out.

By using these guidelines, it will be easier to take out damaged glass and insert a new windowpane. It will also help restore functionality to a window. For more information on Glass Replacement in Naperville, please Visit Bolingbrook Glass And Mirror. The glass specialists at this business can handle numerous glass services in addition to commercial glass and custom shower doors.

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