Three Essential Advantages of Renting a Storage Unit For Your Boat

The recreational boats market is expected to increase from $26.7 billion in 2019 to $33.7 billion by 2027, according to MarketWatch. Despite the popularity of these luxury items, many boat owners need places to store their boats during the colder months. If you own a boat and need somewhere to stow it in the fall and winter, you should call a professional storage company in your area. Here are some key reasons why.

Keeps Boat Safe

A boat takes up a lot of space and it’s usually too big to keep in your driveway year-round. That’s where a boat storage facility in Staten Island, NY, or Camarillo, CA, can come in handy. This type of compartment will not only free up space around your house, it will prevent your boat from getting scratched or damaged by hail, snow or inclement weather.

Reasonable Rates

Most boat storage companies in Camarillo, CA, or Staten Island, NY, will offer competitive rates for renting their units. The monthly rental price will be contingent on the size of your boat and unit. Still, in most cases, you’ll spend anywhere from $125 to $400 to rent a storage facility for your boat. However, rates can vary significantly by market.

Easily Accessible

Companies that provide boat storage services will usually give you a passcode and card to enter property grounds. You’ll also be given a key to unlock your unit and park your boat any hour of the day.

If you need a reputable storage facility for your boat, check online for storage companies in your city. You can even reserve your unit online before you actually see it.

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