Cabinet Painting in Arvada

by | Nov 14, 2019 | Info Home Improvement

A complete kitchen remodel is perhaps the most expensive home improvement project a homeowner can undertake. A significant part of the total cost is the replacement of kitchen cabinets. New cabinets, including installation, is expensive, and this part of a typical renovation project takes up at least half the remodeling budget. Fortunately, a painting company in Denver can reduce the cost considerably, and still achieve a fresh, inviting look for your kitchen. Rather than purchase and install new cabinets, consider the benefits of repainting those that exist.

The first thing to consider is the finish. Do your existing cabinets lend themselves to paint? Are they wood, metal, or wood veneer? These materials are ideal for accepting paint. If the existing cabinets are plastic laminate, the task is considerably more difficult. If the professionals at Mountain Skyline Painting determine the cabinets are acceptable for repainting, they will suggest a paint finish. In most cases, professional painters will recommend the use of oil-based paint. The finish is considerably harder than what you might expect to get from water-based paints, and oil-based paints are far easier to clean. In the kitchen, the concept is simple. You need a surface that is durable and easy to keep clean.

When it comes to choosing the color, think outside the box. This is a great time to personalize your kitchen. You may even want to consider a similar approach that is taken with deck staining. Whatever it is you do, do not lose sight of the fact that you have to live with it. That is, unless you are preparing your home for sale. Make the space something you will enjoy. Get creative with color. Choose a color you like and then use it in combination with other finishes to create a pleasant contrast. The kitchen island does not have to be the same color as the cabinets. Upper cabinets can be one color and lower cabinets a complimentary color.

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