The Numerous Advantages Of Epoxy Seamless Flooring

When it comes to flooring for manufacturing facilities, hospitals, restaurant kitchens, and other types of facilities, there are a number of choices that can be both detrimental and beneficial. For many facilities, especially those that can be affected by unsanitary conditions, Seamless Flooring is the best option. Here are a few things to consider.

With many types of flooring options, such as tile or carpet, seams will be routine. Carpet only comes in specific widths. If a space is wider than a roll of carpet, seams will be needed to join two pieces of carpet. For tile flooring, there are going to be many different points where the tiles come together. This can present a number of problems.

Firstly, seams are often the weakest point of a noncontinuous flooring material. This is the area where flooring can pull up from the subflooring. This not only ages the flooring material prematurely but also it looks bad. From a sanitary standpoint, seams can be a place where water, dirt, and other bacteria collect, especially with tile. Even keeping these flooring surfaces as clean as possible doesn’t exclude the possibility of unsanitary conditions that can threaten things like food preparation or food processing.

Seamless Flooring, such as a poured epoxy surface, is perfect for a number of different reasons. The first benefit is that these floors are extremely simple to install. In fact, the epoxy can be poured and spread throughout a facility in a short period of time. The epoxy typically cures in around 24 hours to provide a slightly cushioned surface. This type of surface is extremely durable and sanitary.

Another benefit is that with no seams, the flooring won’t peel up, making it easy to clean dirt, debris, and other types of bacteria that can cause sanitary issues. Lastly, this floor can be extremely decorative and can incorporate different colors, patterns, and even company logos.

If you’re looking for a quality floor that doesn’t require a great deal of upkeep and doesn’t have some of the sanitary issues that other flooring might present, epoxy flooring might be exactly what you’re looking for. If you want to know more about this type of flooring material, check out epoxy flooring options at the Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation.