4 Reasons to Hire a Local Roofer to Repair Storm Damage

A homeowner can live for years without having a solicitor come to the door, but they seem to come out of the woodwork after a storm. Not everyone offering roofing services is a professional roofer; most are salespeople and appointment setters. Below are five reasons to choose a local roofer for Storm Damage, rather than choosing a storm chaser.

Hiring a Local Company Helps the Community

A local roofer has roots in the area, and they will be around for years while storm chasers are only in it for a quick sale. When considering a roofer, the homeowner should ask if the company was in the area before the storm, and if they’ll be there afterward. Don’t risk dealing with an unethical company that’s only in it for the money-;choose a local roofer who takes care of their customers.

They Stand Behind Their Work

Local roofers offer real warranties, while storm chasers are concerned mainly with the initial work to be done. While anyone can print a warranty, such coverage is worthless if the company doesn’t plan to be in the area for an extended period. Before choosing a roofer, the homeowner should ask to see some previous jobs in the same city, and they should find out how quickly the company can come back out in the event of a problem.

Locals are Honest

Sometimes, storm chasers will milk a job for all it’s worth. However, an honest roofer will never replace a roof in a case where repair is the best option. Unethical roofers are there mainly for the insurance money, but local companies are there to provide quality service and protect their reputation in the community.

Roofers are the Direct Provider, While Chasers are Merely Middlemen

Most homeowners don’t realize that storm chasers do not represent a particular organization. In most instances, these intermediaries sell local work at a higher price than the homeowner would pay if they simply called the roofer directly. Keep money local by hiring a nearby roofer who doesn’t need to knock on doors to get new business.

A storm-chasing roofer can be persistent, but that’s only because they’re motivated by money. It’s better for the homeowner to find a trustworthy local roofer like to repair Storm Damage than it is to count on an out-of-state company.