Steps For Installing A Garage In Phoenix, AZ

by | Oct 13, 2016 | Garage Door Supplier

In Arizona, homeowners hire a contractor to install a garage door opener. These fixtures help them open their door easily from their car. They can also use the remote to open it from the inside. The following is the steps followed by these contractors to install a Garage Door Opener Phoenix AZ.

Review the Garage Door

The contractor reviews the garage door to make sure it is lubricated properly. Next, they test the door to ensure that it opens correctly and doesn’t need repairs. Next, they remove cords and ropes. They disengage the locks.

Construct the Master Assembly

They start by assembling the rails. They must follow the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid warranty issues. Next, they test the trolley on the rails. They connect the rails with the motor. They install the door’s pulley on each end of the rails. They run the chain through the bottom portion of the rail. They run the chain through the pulley and out the other end of the rail. Next, they connect the chain to the trolley. It is attached with screws securely.

Install Blocking in the Ceiling

They install the blocking by securing it into the ceiling with screws. It is connected to joists. They connect sheetrock to the joists securely. Next, they attach the brackets to the garage door.

Install the Master Assembly

The contractor attaches the brackets above the door. Next, they install the end of the assembly. They connect these brackets to the assembly. They raise the master assembly and secure it in place no less than seven feet from the flooring.

Attach the Garage Door to the Door Opener

The contractor connects the door to the opening using brackets. These long brackets connect these pieces securely. Next, they attach a safety rope that accommodates a fast release from the trolley. This rope is installed at least six feet from the floor to allow easy access.

Install the Electric Safety System

The contractor connects two wires along the bottom portion of one side of the door. They mount the sensor near the wires and connect them. Next, they connect a reflector. The last step requires them to program the remote.

In Arizona, contractors follow specific steps to install a garage door opener correctly. They test these installations to assure the owner of proper function. Homeowners who need a Garage Door Opener Phoenix AZ contact Neighborhood Garage Door Service or Visit online today.

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