Considering Out-of-the-Ordinary Products for Garage Door Installation in Lancaster County, PA

A large majority of homeowners choose garage doors that are understated and not meant to catch the attention of visitors or passersby. Others want something that is a little out of the ordinary, like carriage doors that are more noticeable but still blend in well with the rest of the home. And then there are homeowners who want a garage door installation in Lancaster County, PA that truly makes a statement.

Paint and Colors

After having a company such as business name install a wood or metal product, the property owners may want to have a talented artist paint a mural on the big, flat surface. Another possibility is to paint each door panel a different color or to paint the entire surface one color that is relatively uncommon for garage doors.

Most homeowners choose white, black, brown, or neutral tones for the door, so many bright, bold and pastel colors are not offered by all manufacturers. However, some manufacturers do provide a very large number of factory finishes, so customers should feel free to inquire about the colors they have in mind.

It’s essential for property owners to check zoning codes and neighborhood guidelines to confirm these types of unusual home features are allowed. Some neighborhood associations require property owners to choose colors and styles within a limited range.

Metal That Looks Like Wood

Garage Door Installation in Lancaster County, PA also can convey the illusion of a certain effect while still allowing for the convenience of specific materials and designs. For instance, customers can order metal doors that look almost exactly like wood, especially from the street and sidewalk. That allows people to enjoy the low-maintenance feature of steel or aluminum while still achieving the appearance they want for their home’s exterior.

Overhead Products That Look Like Carriage Doors

Products also can be purchased in a design that looks like carriage house doors but actually opens overhead instead of swinging open. Not everyone has enough room in the front of the garage to easily accommodate swing-out doors, as people may need that space for parking cars, a boat, or an RV.