Removing A Coffee Stain On Nylon Carpeting And Assistance Provided By Carpet Cleaning Specialists In Fort Wayne, IN

Nylon carpeting is a popular flooring option that can be used to cover large areas or specific portions of a floor. If coffee spills on a nylon carpet, permanent staining can be avoided by completing the following steps. After cleaning a carpet, a product can be applied to fibers so they are resistant to stains and to reduce the amount of time it will take to treat fibers if an accident occurs again.


  • absorbent towel
  • mild dish detergent
  • white vinegar
  • warm water
  • spray bottle
  • soft-bristled scrub brush
  • hair dryer
  • deodorizing carpet powder
  • vacuum cleaner
  • spray (designed to block stains)

Blotting Liquid And Applying A Cleaning Agent

One side of an absorbent towel that is folded should be pressed firmly against a spill. A towel should not be moved across portions of carpeting because a stain may spread to other areas. A cleaning agent can be prepared by adding a couple of tablespoons of dish detergent and an equal amount of white vinegar to a spray bottle. The rest of a bottle needs to be filled with warm water. After mixing the contents of a bottle by gently shaking a container, a cleaning agent needs to be sprayed onto the carpeting. A soft-bristled brush can be used to assist with cleaning carpet fibers.

Drying Fibers, Vacuuming And Applying A Spray.

A hair dryer can be used to dry carpet fibers. A carpet deodorizing powder that is sprinkled onto clean fibers will eliminate unpleasant odors that remain. Granules should remain on the carpet for several minutes before vacuuming. A spray designed to block stains can be applied to an entire carpet. A light coating of spray should be applied for the nylon fibers to be effectively treated.

If a carpet has large stains on portions of it and basic cleaning steps will not eliminate them, Carpet Cleaning Specialists in Fort Wayne IN can be hired to restore the appearance of a floor covering. Carpet Cleaning Specialists in Fort Wayne IN offer services for carpets made of a wide range of materials. Individuals can click here to set up an appointment or learn about the products and tools used to clean carpets.