Jose Martinez Tree Service Offers Firewood Service and Tree Care

Southern Californians along with the rest of their neighbors throughout the state are celebrating the return of rain to the area that is helping to alleviate the years-long drought. However, along with the beneficial rains of the recent storms come fallen trees brought down by overly saturated soil, mudslides and high winds. Homeowners who find themselves with trees down in their yards can call on a reputable tree care company like Jose Martinez Tree Service Inc. in Anaheim and Orange County to help remove the debris.

Removing downed trees from a property takes the equipment and experience necessary to carefully remove them without harming structures or landscaping. A reputable tree service company’s employees know the most effective ways to remove debris and leave the homeowner’s property looking as though a tree had never come down on it. Likewise, some of the branches of a tree may need to be pruned to prevent subsequent damage in later storms. Trained professional tree service employees can determine which part of a tree needs to be removed to keep the tree healthy and upright.

There are several reasons a tree stump shouldn’t be left behind when the rest of the tree is removed. Stumps don’t look good on a property and will detract from its value when it goes up for sale. Home landscaping that includes one or more tree stumps is difficult to care for properly, as mowing and overall lawn maintenance becomes harder to accomplish. A tree stump might be sitting in the middle of an area that would otherwise look perfect if it could be landscaped. Finally, there can be dangers to family members or pets if a tree stump is left in the ground instead of being removed. An unsightly tree stump and its roots can be removed or ground down so that the yard looks inviting again.

Firewood service is a benefit Southern Californians appreciate as much as their northern neighbors do. Seasoned firewood that doesn’t smoke excessively is available for both outdoor and indoor fireplaces. The wood is seasoned and cut into pieces that are easy to stack. It’s simple to have firewood delivered. Likewise, homeowners who have extra wood due to fallen trees or pruning jobs can have the wood hauled away. For firewood service, tree care and removal and similar work, look for an experienced tree care and removal company. You can also connect them on Facebook.