Maximize the Value of Your Home With a Kitchen Remodel Near Twin Cities

by | Apr 11, 2021 | Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeler

Renovating the kitchen isn’t just for homeowners who dream of preparing their next meal on a brand-new stainless range, it is also the perfect way to add value to your home. The cost of updating this space is nearly always recouped during a sale and many homeowners find that they are able to profit above the cost of the project. Consider these tips for increasing your home value with kitchen remodeling near Twin Cities.

Heart of the Home

You’ve heard that the kitchen is the heart of any home and when it comes to resale value, this couldn’t be more true. Many buyers have a vision of what they want their new home to be like and most expect an updated kitchen. Generally, buyers would rather spend a little extra knowing they can move right in, rather than take on a project that may require being without this necessary space. New cabinets and updated fixtures are the perfect way to increase the number of potential buyers for your house.

Modernizing Pays Off

Many older homes have kitchens that are separated from the rest of the house by a wall. Nowadays, families look for open floor plans that allow parents to watch over children in the adjacent living room or cooks to socialize with guests during a party. Modernizing doesn’t always require major changes to your floorplan. In some cases, walls can be moved or removed to add visibility and create a more open feel.

Update the Appliances

New, stainless steel appliances can make a big impact both visually and practically. To maximize your return on investment, choose models in the middle of the price scale. Avoid basic, entry-level styles and top-of-the-line professional brands to ensure the final result appeals to a wide audience of potential buyers.

Choose a Classic Look

While you may be tempted to rethink your space using the very latest design trends, this can backfire in some cases. Instead, consider the style of your home as a whole. Plan a project that fits with both the exterior and interior looks of your house to ensure that buyers will like the entire package. Use current trends to guide choices regarding accent details, such as a tile backsplash, cabinet hardware and lighting fixtures.

When planning your project, keep the bottom line in mind. Consulting with a real-estate professional and a remodeling specialist before you begin can help you ensure resale value for the future and make the updating process much smoother.

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