Know the Direction of the Wind With a Charming-Looking Weathervane

Weathervanes let you know which direction the wind is coming from. They are functional, but they are also decorative. People have been using weathervanes for centuries, and you’ll see them on top of homes and large buildings.

You can find weathervanes for sale at a family-owned business that has been making weathervanes and other outdoor structures since 1980. The products sold are finely made, and the materials used to make them are of the highest quality. These weathervanes are available in different styles and sizes.

The standard-size weathervanes come with a directional set, spacer balls, animal figures, and more. You can order yours with a hawk or duck in flight, a blue heron, a pelican, a rooster, an eagle, a pheasant, or some other type of animal. A mermaid weathervane is also available. These are just some of the standard-size weathervanes you’ll find here.

The estate-size weathervanes are extra-large. They come with a directional set, spacer balls, an eagle, a blue heron, a rooster, geese, a sailboat, a horse, or a witch. Estate-size weathervanes are designed to fit larger than average size buildings and cupolas.

Attractive rust-resistant aluminum weathervanes are also available. There are beautiful weathervanes for your garden. The finials, which are made of copper and brass and have a steel rod that’s powder-coated, are exquisitely crafted.

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