Make Your Property Reflect Your Personality by Adding Weathervanes for Sale

The design theme of any home or outdoor property should perfectly reflect the personal style preferences and personality of the owner. Learn how to quickly create an outdoor landscape that will reflect your unique personality and design favorites by adding one or more vintage-styled weathervanes for sale online for added shopping convenience.

What Are Weathervanes & What Are These Items Used For?

Weathervanes are usually made of copper or other easy-to-mold metal, and these items are often seen on the top of buildings from homes, garages, barns, and outdoor sheds. Traditionally, weathervanes were made in designs that reflected their location or property use. A rooster or eagle is often seen on rural structures, and homes or other buildings located near the ocean or other body of water may boast a ship or water bird weathervane.

The History of Usage of Weathervanes Explained

Historians say that weathervanes have been traced back to ancient Greek civilizations since the first century B.C. and perhaps even earlier. Large bronze weathervanes from this era have been found in designs that depicted the Greek gods especially Triton considered the master ruler of the seas.

Weathervanes Were Useful & Where Made to Show Wind Direction

Archeologists have found evidence of weathervanes going back at least as long in Chinese lands. Farmers, ship captains, and others depended on weathervanes to show the direction and force of the winds. Today’s weathervanes for sale are used more as a decorative accent. Contact Backyard & Beyond.