Aspects of Recessed Lighting

There are many companies in Highland Park who provide recessed lighting. And for the lighting itself, many options are involved. There are many aspects of overhead lighting, and it can be overwhelming when faced with all the possibilities. Here is a simple guide to the different facets of recessed lighting.

Trim. The trim is the material that is visible on the ceiling. Depending on the style that is requested, and if the light should be discreet or not, the trim can measure between three to five inches. There are plenty of trim options to match any look.

Finish. The finish of the trim should match and complement the room. For many types of recessed lighting, it is this part that is seen in the ceiling. Most companies offer the choice of chrome, brass, or copper finishes. Others can be just plain colors, such as black, bronze, or gray. There are many options to ensure the lights complement the area they are illuminating.

Glass. The glass on the light affects the color it displays in the room. Most buyers go for plain clear glass, so the natural color of the bulb shines through. For a slight tint, there can be amber options. But, if a more eclectic look is needed, there are colorful options such as red, green, and blue.

Lighting Options. Most recessed lighting comes with the option of choosing what types of lights can be installed. There is, of course, the classic LED option, but there are also more efficient options to save energy. Depending on what the lights are used for, there is a full breadth of lighting options to choose from.

Recessed lighting has many different parts, and various aspects together create a unique light. Recessed lighting in Highland Park doesn’t have to be a hassle, and the result should be satisfying.

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