Lighting Supply Options in Victoria BC

by | Apr 11, 2019 | Home Improvement

New LED lighting is an effective, handsome way to refresh the look of a residence or commercial property. Exterior LED lighting brightens the landscape during low-light times of day, while interior LED lighting transforms dull workspaces into vibrant, safe locations. Here’s a brief rundown of what makes LED so special. Why LED is the New Incandescent Incandescent bulbs were the standard light bulbs for decades. in all forms, with even newer forms appearing annually that utilize LED’s unique mounting properties. LED is all but universal and abundant. If you perform a Google keyword search for “light bulbs Victoria BC,” LED options are more than likely to factor prominently among your search results.

LED stands for light-emitting diode, a semi-conductor that emits light after an electrical current passes through it and electrons recombine with electron holes. LEDs are extremely small, so manufacturers can fit more of them into a single bulb or mount them onto a substrate, such as fabric, recycled material or glass. As a result, the potential for LED bulb shapes and sizes is unlimited. With this flexibility in terms of sizes and shapes, you can replace all your traditional incandescent bulbs with LED and consider new, situation-specific applications for your home or business.

LED is Economic and Eco-Friendly LEDs use energy so efficiently, they require less energy to emit very bright light. This reduction in energy usage minimizes greenhouse emissions associated with traditional production of electricity.

For every watt an incandescent bulb consumes it produces roughly 15 lumens (a measure of brightness). By contrast, an LED produces 100 lumens per watt. Newer LED technologies can churn out as many as 200 lumens per watt. Since LEDs emit brighter light for less electricity, the bulbs last longer, have to be replaced less frequently and save money. Consider LED light bulbs Victoria BC today.

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