Protecting a Structure Through the Installation of Epdm Flat Roof Covering in Denver CO

Most people don’t realize that a flat roof is much harder to protect than a standard peaked version. Flat roofs have little to no slope which allows moisture to puddle without gravity pulling it down to the ground. Because of this, leaks can develop fairly easily unless a protective roofing system is installed and sealed properly. To help businesses and the occasional residential owner avoid major leakage, contractors who service flat roofs encourage the use of Epdm Flat Roof Covering in Denver CO. This material not only effectively seals out excessive moisture, it also aids in keeping the indoor climate consistent.

Replacing Flat Roofs is No Problem

Applying a new covering to a flat roof is somewhat different than what most people are accustomed to. Common shingles or metal roofing materials don’t work since they require both gravity and a slope to keep water flowing down them. Instead, a sheet material that is commonly referred to as a membrane is rolled out across a substrate layer and adhered with a special adhesive. The material is also rolled out in slightly overlapping sections since it’s rarely the exact width of the roof. The overlaps are then sealed with a strong seam tape so that the entire surface becomes one cohesive, waterproof covering.

Knowledgeable Repair Specialists

As tightly sealed as the the membrane can be once properly adhered and sealed, leaks can still occur. As the sun’s rays and Mother Nature assault the roof, bonds can weaken and debris can cause damage. As soon as signs of moisture begin to appear inside, property owners need to contact companies like Ace Roofing & Construction. Their fully licensed and highly trained team knows exactly how to handle malfunctioning roofs and will only recommend replacement if it is truly warranted. For contact information and details on their repair service, visit the website

Everything is Guaranteed

Just like any other type of roof, flat versions are installed with warranties and guarantees from both the contractors and manufacturers. People who opt for the Epdm Flat Roof Covering in Denver CO will receive a five year service warranty that covers all labor costs for repair or replacement. The EPDM membrane also comes with a 30 year product warranty that includes protection against hail and accidental puncture damage. Regardless of what happens, customers can be secure in the knowledge that companies like Ace Roofing & Construction have them covered. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.