Importance of Using Pest Control Services in Fairfax VA

by | May 18, 2017 | Pest Control

Termites, in addition to other pestilential insects such as carpenter bees, beetles, and carpenter ants, are opportunists whose sole purpose in life is to gain access to and subject the vulnerable areas of a building to their destructive activities.

In the majority of cases, a structure which has an infestation of pests may have no visible outward signs. Such infestations may remain unnoticed for long periods of time. The infestations continues developing even in wooden structures whose outer surfaces may look undamaged. Special skills are required to detect and get rid of such pest-infested buildings. Pest Management Services usually employ specialists who possess thorough knowledge of building construction invaluable in the detection of pests, especially in those inaccessible locations where pests prefer to fester.

It is recommended that home owners as well as property managers for both residential and commercial buildings engage the services of a firm that specializes in Pest Control Services in Fairfax VA. They should be called in at least once in a year to enable them to check and inspect structures for these pestering pests.

Most infestations by pests usually start from utility entrances along with expansion/settlement cracks present in slabs. Expert Pest Control Services in Fairfax VA begin inspection from the foundation of the structure, working their way up and methodically inspecting every crevice, crack and all the possible entry points. They also check for and give advice on how to avoid creating environments that are conducive to infiltration by pests.

It is essential to implement the following tips to prevent pests from establishing a base of operations within a building.

There should be routine inspection of the foundations and walls and once any crack is discovered in the masonry, they are to be filled up immediately.

A proper installation of gutters, downspouts, and splash blocks is necessary to divert and prevent any moisture from getting to the foundation.

When the lawn is being watered, care should be taken not to splash water on the wood siding or stucco.
Humidity can be reduced by the use of proper ventilation.

To avoid blocking any of the vents of vents, all vegetation including hedges and vines must be trimmed.
All tree trunks and roots as well as grade stakes and old form boards must be removed from around the structure as they sometimes attract and harbor pests.

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