Take Care of an Infestation with Ant Control in Annapolis

You walk into your kitchen and look down. You see the dreaded trail of ants coming in and out of your pantry. The path may lead to a tiny crack in the tile, under the baseboards, or even to the front door. It is time to call an exterminator for Ant Control in Annapolis.

Ant infestations occur because the insect is looking for food to take back to its colony. When one ant finds food, it tells the others where to go. Soon one or two ants will turn into a trail of hundreds or thousands. Keeping foods in sealed containers will help keep the ants away. Crumbs and other food particles should be swept up and wiped away regularly. The garbage should also be taken out to avoid attracting these resourceful insects.

Some types of landscaping are more appealing for ants. Ants love vegetation. Plants provide food, moisture, and shelter for these little insects. Keeping plants away from home can help prevent an indoor infestation. Any vegetation that touches the home should be trimmed back. If possible, keep small plants at least 2 feet from home. Larger plants should be placed 3 to 5 feet away.

Any crack or opening in the home’s exterior is a possible pathway for an ant. It may seem impossible to find all the tiny openings an ant could go through, but a yearly visual inspection may help the home owner become aware of vulnerabilities. Cracks can be sealed, weather stripping can be replaced, or other necessary actions can be taken to remedy the situation. If you have a current ant infestation, follow the trail to see where it leads. Seal the hole or make other repairs to close the opening. The ants will likely move on.

If the previous preventative measures still leave you with an ant infestation, it is time to call in the professionals. A pest control specialist can help you determine the type of ant that is invading your home. He may use chemical sprays to completely eliminate the indoor infestation. He may also search out and kill the colony by laying traps. If Carpenter ants are infesting the home, the professional may need to drill holes to place ant poison in the wall. Prompt professional treatment will prevent the damage carpenter ants can cause to a home. For more information about Ant Control in Annapolis, visit us