Hardwood Floors For Timeless Beauty

by | Oct 28, 2016 | Home Improvement

No other flooring material can rival the classic good looks and charm of hardwood flooring. Regardless of whether you are in the process of renovating an older home or having a new home built for you, when you opt for hardwood flooring in Lisle you will be offered your pick of a dozen or more species of wood to choose from, some domestic and others imported. Let’s have a look at why so many people specify hardwood floors.

Solid hardwood:

When you specify solid hardwood floors the wood you get will be just that, milled from a solid plank of the wood of your choice. Solid hardwood can last for many years, as it wears it can be sanded and refinished. The drawback to real hardwood is the fact that it is sensitive to moisture and elevated temperatures; it can shrink or expand thus the rooms in which it can be used are limited.

Engineered hardwood:

Engineered hardwood is factory made; it consists of a number of alternating layers of wood, topped with a veneer of real hardwood. This flooring is extremely stable regardless of the conditions in which it has been installed. Engineered hardwood flooring in Lisle can be installed in the basement, real hardwood cannot.


The color of available hardwood comes from the species it was cut from. Every wood has a unique color which can be enhanced by staining and finishing. Many people take into account the natural lighting in the room as their guide to choosing the right wood for the amount of light and direct sun the floor will be subjected to. There will always be color variations when you use hardwood, the differences in color and grain give hardwood flooring in Lisle their unique beauty.

When you are picking the right hardwood floors for your home it is always best to shop where you can rely on the knowledge of the people working there. Contact Best Buy Carpet and Granite for best selection of hardwood flooring in Lisle.

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