What Is Involved in a Concrete Polishing Service?

Polished concrete is becoming increasingly popular in a variety of residential and commercial settings. Polished concrete allows for a flooring that shines with brilliance and does not need to be waxed and treated like other more traditional types of flooring. It is important concrete is polished with a professional Concrete Polishing Service so property owners can be sure their floors will be properly treated and protected so they will stand up to daily abuse from high traffic.

Thanks to the latest advances from a Concrete Polishing Service, even older concrete floors can be ground down to a smooth and shiny finish. Because the finish lasts for long periods of time, there will be no need for waxing or sealing the flooring, saving property owners vast amounts of time. Concrete flooring can also be stained and then polished, creating the look of beautiful natural stones that give the look of opulence without the high price.

Concrete is polished in several steps, depending upon its age. The first step removes any rough areas and smooths them down as fine as possible. If repairs are needed, these will be made before the next grind so the finished product is ready for staining or further treatment. The equipment used in polishing is crucial for the finished product.

The technicians will use a polisher that contains coarse diamond segments that are adhered within a metallic matrix. The coarse diamonds are able to smooth minor pitting, stains, and coatings. With each round of grinding, the technician will change the polisher to a finer and finer grind. Once the flooring has been ground smooth, a special sealant is applied that sinks deep into the concrete and is undetectable to the eye. This protects the concrete and hardens it.

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