Buying a Window Replacement? 5 Must-Know Reminders for Homeowners

by | Oct 19, 2018 | Home Improvement, Window Installation Service

Know a few essential things before you shop for a window replacement in Petaluma. Here are must-know reminders every homeowner should know.

Improve weather-stripping conditions

Going for energy-efficient windows can do a lot to help you save on costs. But that’s not going to be enough. Be sure to check the condition of the weather-stripping around your old windows. Is there a draft? Fix the problems before you install your new window units to prevent unwanted energy loss, the Lifehacker says.

Replace everything

If your sills and frames are still in tip-top shape, then you could save on costs by going for a partial replacement unit. These pocket windows fit right into the existing frame, so you get to save on labor. However, if the sills and frames are damaged beyond repair, then you’re better off buying a full window replacement in Petaluma.

Explore a range of options

A lot of homeowners make the mistake of just going for their old windows. This is the perfect opportunity to check out window options designed with fantastic features. Some come with an easy flip design. Others have energy-efficient while others block off UV rays. With so many choices out there, buying a window just got a lot more fun.

Check the material

Be sure to pick the right material for your window. For instance, wood is the traditional option for many homes. But it does come with pretty heavy care requirements. If you want less maintenance work and costs, then it might be better for you to go for vinyl options.

Pick a style

Consider the style of your home. If you plan on renovating, think about the new style you want for your living space. Look for reputable contractors and window solutions providers like Northwest Exteriors for product options, repairs, installation and more.

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