The Benefits of a Fake Grass Lawn in Miami FL

Certain species of grass will not flourish in Florida. A combination of sandy soil, climate, and salt-laden air make the installation of a fake grass lawn in Miami FL a viable option. There is more to it than just the soil and climate. There are many other advantages from saving money to improving lifestyle and reducing maintenance.


Artificial turf is designed for residential, urban landscapes, playgrounds, and more. A fake grass lawn looks and feels no different from a well-maintained natural grass lawn. There is no need to be concerned with such things as fertilizer, herbicide, pesticides, and watering.

Minimal Maintenance

A fake grass lawn requires next to no maintenance. In Florida, hardly a day goes by when a natural grass lawn needs some care. Artificial turf requires no mowing, reseeding, fertilizer, or water. Even fake grass will collect debris such as leaves, but rather than backbreaking raking, all it takes is a quick once-over with a leaf blower.

Fake grass is easy and inexpensive to maintain, but it is also durable. Once the installation has been completed, the turf will withstand any amount of wear and tear for years. The material used in its manufacture is tough and designed to withstand a great deal of traffic in all kinds of weather.

Save Money

A fake grass lawn in Miami FL requires no pesticides, fertilizers, or fungicides. It also requires no watering which can save many thousands of gallons of water and the associated cost. Fake grass pays for itself in maintenance savings alone. As well as that, it is a beautiful surface all year long.

The majority of homeowners are living a fast-paced life with little or no time left to care for the lawn. Fake grass requires minimal maintenance, which frees up time to enjoy other things. For more information on an Fake artificial lawn in Miami, FL, visit Easy Turf on their website or call 866-327-9887.