The 5 Best Ways to Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets

by | Mar 7, 2018 | Kitchen Renovation

Are you planning a kitchen renovation, or are you interested in updating the kitchen cabinets in your Pompano Beach home? Maybe you’re just hoping to consolidate your messy cabinets or implement a more effective organization system. It’s easy to overwhelm your available cabinet space with a mess of unorganized containers, pots, pans, and foods, but following these tips will ensure that you’re using your space as efficiently as possible.

1. HouseBeautiful loves the idea of using files to store your reusable water bottles and canned goods. By stacking water bottles on their side, you can corral them into an organized space and prevent them from rolling haphazardly around in the back of your shelves and taking up useful room. The same goes for canned goods!

2. Don’t forget to utilize the inside of your kitchen cabinet doors! By hanging bottles of cleaner from a towel rack or installing hooks for hanging pots, utensils, or mugs, you’re making sure that no surface of your cabinets goes unappreciated.

3. Install smaller pop-up shelves in those big, open spaces! Make sure that you’re using every possible inch of your larger cabinets by placing stackable shelves inside. Then, store whatever you’d like—containers, dishes, cutting boards, or anything else!

4. MakeSpace recommends storing items that you use daily at eye level for the easiest access. If you know that you’ll be using a certain kind of glassware every day, or if you’re always reaching for the sugar dish, keep them accessible.

5. Store your powdery spices and baking supplies in labeled containers. Transferring these ingredients from messy bags or boxes will not only keep them fresh, but also make them easier to stack and store.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with even more storage solutions! The possibilities are endless when you start using your Pompano Beach kitchen cabinets to their full potential.

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