Looking for Modern Kitchen Cabinet Ideas in Naples, FL.? Consider These Features

A truly contemporary and functional kitchen has many important elements that contribute to the results you’ll enjoy when everything is installed. One of these is modern kitchen cabinets. The great thing about updating your cabinets is the ability to include equally appealing features. Here are four popular features worth considering.

  • Practical and Convenient Drawers

Drawers are hardly a new kitchen cabinet feature. Yet kitchen drawers can still be practical, convenient, and modern. For instance, drawers set up with a peg system can allow you to move some of your regularly used plates, bowls, and saucers down to lower cabinets. If you’re a fan of coffee pods, you can even have a K-Cup organizer included in one of your drawers!

  • Vertical Dividers

Cookie sheets, muffin tins, pie dishes, and other accessories commonly stored in kitchen cabinets can take up way more space than anticipated. Vertical dividers placed in your modern kitchen cabinets in Naples, FL. can eliminate this problem by separating items like this in a way that’s neat and orderly.

  • Trash Pull-Outs

After you get done with a beautiful kitchen makeover you may not want to stash your trash can under your island or in another spot that might be a bit too visible. One solution is to have a pull-out trash unit included within your lower cabinets. Larger units can be made to accommodate two cans for regular trash and recyclables.

  • Roll-Out Spice Racks

A roll-out spice rack can be set up in your cabinets in a way that lets you quickly find whatever spice you happen to need now. Additional roll-out options include a mini roll-out chef’s pantry and a pull-out base cabinet storage component for your other storage needs.

All your available options with modern kitchen cabinets can be discussed during your initial consultation with a designer. This will give you a chance to kick around ideas and zero in on the kitchen cabinet features that appeal most to you. Visit EBL Interiors & Construction for more details.