Why Plantation Shutters in Bradenton, FL Are a Good Value

Some homeowners wonder if they will increase the value of their homes by adding shutters. After all, any improvement you make must be factored into your return on investment or ROI. You can buy the shutters in easy-care vinyl or laminates as well as wood. While shutters normally won’t actually increase the overall worth of a house, they will give a homeowner an edge as the home will normally sell more quickly.

California” Shutters

When choosing shutters, many homeowners like choosing “California” shutters, also known as plantation shutters in Bradenton, FL. These wide-louvered shutters are installed inside a home as a window covering. The shutters came about during the 1950s in California during a population boom at the time. At this time as well, California homes were built with expansive windows as thermal efficiency was not yet recognized.

Plantation shutters permitted people to open up the louvers in the day, controlling the sunlight coming inside their homes, and shut the louvers after sunset for increased privacy. When people shut the louvers during the day, they noticed that their homes stayed far cooler. Therefore, the shutters were noted for keeping homes in warm areas cool without the need for additional cooling.

Why You Should Buy the Shutters

That is why plantation shutters are a good value today in Florida. They keep the intense UV rays out of living areas. Shut the wide louvers and you can save money on cooling and save your carpet and furniture fabrics. Strong sunlight also tends to cause artwork to fade. Therefore, this highly prized window treatment keeps your belongings from deteriorating, adds privacy, and keeps spaces cooler at the same time.

Who to Contact Online

Would you like to know more about adding shutters — traditional or plantation — to your home? If so, you can easily find out more details when you visit blindsanddesignsofflorida.com online. Find out why Floridians like shutters and how you will come to like them too.