Why it Is Becoming Common to Find a Poured Floor in New York Homes

by | May 16, 2019 | Flooring

Some of New York’s most elegant homes now include floors made of concrete or resin. Contractors like Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation offer homeowners a wide range of poured flooring options. It is common to find a Poured Floor in New York homes that feature industrial chic or contemporary designs. Homeowners often choose the durable materials because they create a unique effect, are affordable, and require little care to stay beautiful for decades.

New Floors Are Affordable and Easy to Install

Whether a Poured Floor in New York is made from concrete or resin, it often costs less than other options offering the same level of beauty and durability. For instance, the average cost to add a simple polished concrete floor ranges from $2 to $6 per square foot. Even if homeowners opt to stain concrete or add decorative effects, finished projects are still very affordable. In addition, surfaces are tough and maintain their looks for decades, which minimizes the cost of upkeep. Installation is fairly quick and simple since materials can often be poured over existing surfaces.

Poured Floors Create a Stunning Effect

Very basic versions of epoxy and concrete floors have long been used in commercial applications because they are practical. Some homeowners choose that industrial look for their homes because it is sleek and blends in with surroundings However, most residential poured flooring is personalized and breathtaking. Suppliers offer a range of beautiful epoxies they can use to create unique floors. Poured concrete is often customized to create a beautiful marble effect. It can also be stamped to produce a variety of designs.

Maintenance Is a Snap

Homeowners also choose poured flooring materials for the same reasons that hospitals, factories, and commercial business owners like them. It is easy to keep floors neat and sanitary. Concrete can be maintained with routine mopping. Resin floors are also simple to clean and, like concrete, are sealed to protect them from damage.

The poured floors that were once used mainly in commercial buildings are now found in many homes. Resin and concrete are very popular materials and easily customized to create beautiful floors. Durable poured flooring is economical, easy for professionals to install, and simple to maintain. You can also visit on Facebook for more information.

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