When To Complete Commercial Roof Restoration in Milwaukee, WI

The vast majority of commercial properties have low-slope or flat roof designs, which are ideal for larger buildings, including in the manufacturing and industrial sectors. These same types of roof designs are also found on office buildings and multi-level apartment and condo properties as well. While practical in design, they also pose unique issues when it comes to Commercial roof restoration in Milwaukee, WI.

Older commercial buildings with low-slope roofs, which are defined as a pitch of less than 4:12, have some important issues to consider when choosing your roof restoration products as well as your service company. By understanding these issues and how they impact the lifespan of the roof it is easy to see how investing in the top quality products and installation methods will result in several benefits, including a much longer roof life.

The Challenges

Often older buildings with low-slope or flat roofs require a full Commercial roof restoration in Milwaukee, WI due to inherent issues with the roofing products used in the past. With the very low slope on the roof it is possible that the roof has been exposed to:

* Poor drainage due to shifting of the building over time

* Pooling of water on the roof that increased damage to the roof structure

* Ongoing thermal contraction and expansion creating areas where leaks are problematic

* Possible flooding around the flashing, especially in areas with high annual rainfall and extreme storm conditions

* Degradation of the existing roofing due to exposure to ultraviolet light

Through roof restoration using new fluid-applied membrane products, these challenges can be addressed and a new roofing system put in place that will prevent these challenges from becoming issues in the future.


Replacing an old roof by simply patching or repairing is only cost effective if the damage is localized and not generalized across the roof. It is often difficult to determine just how generalized the deterioration of the current roofing system may be unless an expert on roofing completes an evaluation or assessment.

It is important also to consider the current efficiency of the roof. Old styles of roofing systems, including dark roofs and those not effectively designed may be costing thousands of dollars a year in heating and cooling inefficiencies.

By choosing Commercial roof restoration Specialists in Milwaukee, WI on these commercial buildings, even if there are not extensive roof repairs required, it is possible to preserve the structural components of the roof as well as boost efficiency, allowing the new roofing system to pay for itself over time.

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