When to Call the Exterminators

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Rats and mice are nuisance wildlife and pests that destroy food stuffs, grains and contaminate human food sources. These rodents prefer to live near human habitations where they get access to food and shelter. Larger rats are brazen creatures that are known to attack human babies and small children and steal food. Diseases like Bubonic Plague that killed millions in Europe about 500 years ago were thought to have been carried and spread by rats. Fleas that live on rats are also known to carry Typhus that can harm humans. If your home, business, hospital, restaurant or school building shows infestation of rodents like mice and rats, call the exterminators immediately.

Child day care, restaurants and hospitals are places you would expect maximum concern for cleanliness and pest control. However due to the heavy human traffic that passes through day care facilities, restaurants and hospitals, the frequency of contamination is very high in such places. Pests like bed bugs and lice frequently infest day care facilities. Children often pick up pests like head lice at school. Presently, bedbugs are a major pest problem in the United States. Once detected, home owners should take special care to detect and eliminate these pests before they infest the home. Exterminators in Sacramento are able to find solutions for any type of pest infestation to provide the desired results.

The favorite environs for cockroaches to breed, infest and to thrive in are family homes, restaurants, hotels and other commercial properties. Cockroaches cause many types of diseases among humans including allergies, asthma and other bronchial conditions. If you are the owner of a restaurant or hotel, or in any form of the hospitality business, the need for a clean, pest free environment is paramount. Most business owners have professional pest control experts and exterminators take care of their property. The exterminators have specific solutions for different types of pests.

Swarming insects like bees and wasps are very troublesome. If you detect a nest or colony in your home or near your business, call in the exterminators. If you are a business owner, your employees can sue you for insect stings and bites at the workplace!

Some insects can cause damage to your furnishings, clothes and books. They consume fabrics, wallpaper and books and cause stains too. Termites and borers cause immense damage to foundation work, woodwork and furniture. These destructive pests can bring down the value of your property and damage your possessions. When you detect their presence, call exterminators in Sacramento.