When is It Time for Floor Refinishing in New York City?

by | May 4, 2016 | Wood Products

When someone has hardwood floors in their home, they will need to take the necessary steps in keeping them maintained, so they retain their appearance. Failure to take the steps to clean wood floors properly can cause them to become scuffed and scratched. Here are some steps one should take to keep their wood flooring in the best possible condition.

It is important to sweep wood floors often. Use a soft-bristled broom to do this regularly. The floors can also be vacuumed using a brush attachment. It is a good idea to place rugs on areas of the floor where people walk most. This will help to keep the floors from becoming worn out prematurely from overuse. It will also help reduce the risk of scratching if someone had something sharp embedded in the bottom of their shoe. The place felt pads on the bottom of the legs of furniture in the rooms where wood flooring is present. This will help keep these items from scratching the surface of the wood. Clean the floor with a buffing clothing to polish the wood. Use minimal moisture to clean, as moisture could cause damage to the wood. If cleaning with a damp mop, make sure to dry the wood immediately afterward.

Surface finish or wax can be applied to a wood floor periodically to improve its luster. If the wood floor is no longer retaining this material, or it if is riddled with scratches, Floor Refinishing in New York City would be the best option in improving its appearance. A refinishing service would come to the home to sand down the existing floor. They would then use an appropriate finishing solution and buff the floor, so it has a revitalized appearance afterward. The floor would be left in a state where previous blemishes would no longer be present, making it look like brand-new flooring had been placed in the home.

If someone is in need of Floor Refinishing in New York City to give their wood flooring a healthy look, they can call a service that handles this type of revamping process. Calling a company like New York Wood Flooring is a favorable option that will give the homeowner the wood floor appearance they desire.

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