To Bag or Not To Bag Your College Station Lawn Clippings

by | Jun 29, 2020 | Landscape Company

A lot of homeowners are unsure of what to do with their lawn clippings. Does it need to be removed to allow the grass to grow back? Should it stay where it is so it can degrade and provide nourishment to the lawn? College Station lawn care can be more complicated than you might think. Here are your lawn clipping options:

Leave the Clippings

If you leave the lawn clippings after you have mowed, they will provide nutrients to the grass which will keep your lawn green and healthy. It will work as a fertilizer and feed your lawn until the next mow. However, if you leave your clippings, then they can be a mess, either through your pets or even the wind. They get in your home, on your shoes, and your clothes Piles of lawn clippings can steal sunlight and water and damage the grass below.

Remove the Clippings

Removing the clippings will leave you with a large pile of grass that you will have to dispose of. However, lawn clippings can make effective compost because of how much nitrogen grass contains along with plenty of nutrients. You can also use them as mulch, or as a layer under the soil in a raised bed garden.

College Station lawn care can be tricky if you are not sure of what the best options are for your lawn. Your best bet is to leave the lawn care to the experts. Book a free estimate today!

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