Tips for Choosing Window Treatments in Spokane, WA

Installing window treatments in Spokane, WA, provides many benefits, including improving energy efficiency, adding security, and changing aesthetics. Many people struggle to find the ideal option for every room. The following tips will make selecting the best window treatments easier.

Function and Style Dictate Length

Length is one factor when choosing window treatments in Spokane, WA. Consider the function of the window treatments and the style you want to convey to help you decide which options work best. More extended panels typically lend a more elegant, formal appearance to the room, while shorter window treatments serve functional purposes.

Add Layers

If you want to enhance the style of your window treatments in Spokane, WA, add layers to your windows. Choose curtains that add a splash of color and design to the room and layer them with sheer drapes. You can leave these drapes closed while allowing the sun to shine through.

Consider Your Space

Sometimes space dictates which window treatments you need. Some windows can’t accommodate a curtain rod, limiting your options to blinds or shutters. If you have a group of windows in one corner, hanging curtains may be too challenging. You also need to consider the aesthetics of the room. Blinds allow you to create a dramatic look.

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