Three Reasons to Add a Bidet to Your Bathroom in Palm Beach, FL

Have you considered adding a bidet to your bathroom? While bidets are common throughout Europe and Asia, they have only recently started to pick up popularity in the United States. Here are three reasons to swap your toilet paper roll for a refreshing, eco-friendly bidet.

Save Money

How much does your family spend on toilet paper each month? Stop flushing all that money down the toilet by switching to a bidet. Whether you choose a budget model or a Ressa bidet toilet Palm Beach, your new bidet can pay for itself over time.

Lower Your Environmental Footprint

Using less toilet paper not only saves money but also saves the environment. From trees and water to the energy consumed to manufacture and transport it, toilet paper uses a lot of resources. Some bidet users give up toilet paper completely by using cloths to wipe.

Reduce Septic Maintenance

Regular maintenance is an important and expensive part of owning a septic tank, but less toilet paper in your tank means less maintenance. You can use some of the money you save on pumping your septic tank for a beautiful Ressa bidet toilet in Palm Beach.

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